New year, new site

UPDATE: I’ve added a subascription form to the bottom of the main blog page to allow you to follow the new blog. You’ll get an email whenever I add a new blog post.

I’ll be moving hosting providers soon and one of the casualties of the move will be this blog. I have a new blog as part of the new site but this one won’t be kept going. As this is a WordPress site and the new one isn’t, I think it means that if you use the WordPress Reader to view the blogs you subscribe to, you won’t see the new one.

It’s a shame I have to do this, as I suspect some (many? most?) of you may not come across to the new site, which would be sad. I have to do it though. The new host,, has much better features and it means I can combine the main site and blog under a single URL.

I’ve also used this to revamp my branding. Marketing really isn’t my strength but I’ve made a big effort to try and come up with a more professional image which I’ll adopt across social media and also on my market stall, so I hope that works well.

To get the new site going I’ve added some blog posts with new photos from trips I’ve made recently. There’s some pretty good shots there, if I say so myself. I hope you’ll come over and take a look. This URL will continue but my main site URL – – will migrate to the new host. For the moment it’s still on the free domain, which is:

4 thoughts on “New year, new site

  1. Well spotted, thanks Eliza. WordPress started out as a blog so has everything you’d expect of a blog site. started out as a website builder and added blogging in after, so doesn’t have everything you’d expect. I’ve just added a “sign up” link to the blog menu. You sign up with email address or facebook/google credentials. What happens then I’m not sure – I’d expect you’ll get an email each time I blog. The sign-up process enables more than that though, which I’ll have to experiment with. Anyway, if you’d like to try it its there now but I’ll come back here and comment again once I’ve played with it some more.
    I might also do a blog post on migrating from wordpress to Wix – there are a couple of massive gotchas that I didn’t find out until after I’d paid the subscription, though on the whole it was still a necessary move!


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