The Roaches

The Roaches is an area of gritstone crags just north of Leek in Staffordshire. It’s a famous rock climbing area with many classic climbs. It’s also got some highly photogenic shapes and a wonderful outlook to the south and west. Continue reading


Snowdon by the back way

Mynydd Mawr above Rhyd Ddu
Mynydd Mawr rears above the hamlet of Rhyd Ddu with a steam train just about to arrive in the station on picture left.

This route is a less popular way to top out on Snowdon, with some nice airy ridge walking near the top and plenty of squelchy bog trotting towards the end. Views are, as usual on Snowdon, either tremendous when clear or non-existent when the clouds come down. Continue reading

Autumn arrives in Wales – the Aberglaslyn Gorge


While I was on holiday in Crete for two weeks, in 30+ degree sunshine, autumn arrived in Snowdonia. It seems early this year but I probably think that every year. There’s certainly plenty of colour to be had. The day was slightly overcast, good for going to water and woods. I went to the Aberglaslyn Gorge, next to Beddgelert. A spectacular sight any time of year but a prime spot for autumn with a great mix of trees and rushing river.

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Cheshire Plain

Cheshire is mostly flat. I lived in hilly areas for twenty years so I’m having to recalibrate my photographic eye to get the best out of this area. As I’ve said before, it seems to lend itself to monochrome treatment. I’d forgotten this set, which I took about a year ago and came across yesterday. Taken with my still-broken Olympus OMD-EM10, which I really enjoy using for square format black and white. Continue reading

OMD-EM10 vs K20D – Olympus vs Pentax

My Olympus OMD-EM10 is out of action at the moment. I think the lens is broken but the camera has gone haywire because of it. I’ve gone back to using my Pentax K20D as my main carry-anywhere camera.

K20D vs OMD-EM10

It’s interesting to compare the experience of using the two. I’d been using the Olympus is my carry-anywhere. If I went out specifically for a photography trip I’d take both but I’d use the Olympus more often during the day. I tended to use the Pentax when I needed to use filters, for which I don’t have the necessary adapters for the OMD.

Although neither camera is current, the comparison would still be relevant to a choice between any modern DSLR and mirrorless alternatives. Continue reading


My Olympus is broken. I’ve had it for about two and a half years from new, bought with the kit lens. It’s had a couple of breakages before this – the battery compartment cover didn’t last long at all and some time last year the manual focus ring just disintegrated.

This time, there are a variety of symptoms of misbehaviour – no image on screen or EVF, lens hunting through the zoom range without me asking it to, won’t focus, won’t take a shot, etc. All intermittent, but it just won’t work. I think it might be the lens. I’m going to go to a shop and try it with another lens. If so, that’s not a long life-span for a lens. It’s the M.Zuiko 14-42 pancake zoom. A very nice lens image-wise, and very small and light, and cheap as a kit lens (not cheap to buy on it’s own though). However, not the most solidly built piece of kit. I’ll see if I can get another on ebay, assuming that’s the cause. I hope so, because I’d be really disappointed if the body has given up after such a short time.