Cheshire Plain

Cheshire is mostly flat. I lived in hilly areas for twenty years so I’m having to recalibrate my photographic eye to get the best out of this area. As I’ve said before, it seems to lend itself to monochrome treatment. I’d forgotten this set, which I took about a year ago and came across yesterday. Taken with my still-broken Olympus OMD-EM10, which I really enjoy using for square format black and white. Continue reading


Finding beauty in less obvious places

Yesterday I went walking around the waterside areas around Frodsham. This is a small town near the inland end of the Mersey estuary. The areas around Frodsham are a mix of countryside, rivers, canals, and industrial. The River Weaver flows into the Mersey at Frodsham and the Weaver Navigation (i.e. canal) flows alongside it.

I don’t usually go looking for subjects like this but I do like them. I’ve driven past this area for years as the M56 goes right over it on a flyover. I’ve seen it many times in dramatic light or weather, usually early or late on my way to or from the welsh mountains. Each time I see some dramatic light or mist I think I should go and take a look. Yesterday wasn’t dramatic and I couldn’t wait around for the sunset but it was a beautiful day and I really like the mix of industrial, waterside, and rough green land. I’ll definitely go back and look for more dramatic conditions.


Lymm Sunrise

Lymm is the village I live in, hidden away in a corner of an otherwise very busy area. It’s local beauty spot is called Lymm Dam, which is basically a lake. Made artificially in 1824 as part of a new turnpike road, the dam was a crossing of a wet area. The new lake formed behind. Now it’s a very popular visitor attraction. On a still day the water can be mirror smooth. I’ve photographed it before in the daytime, in grainy black and white, which seemed to suit the mood of the day. This time I got up and out before the sun came up to try and get some sunrise colour on the autumn trees, which were near their peak of colour. I managed to get three good shots. This wasn’t my only sunrise trip, and I’ve had a few other good results which I’ll publish once I’ve finished processing them.

First frost in Cheshire

I think yesterday was the first frost we’ve had this season in Cheshire. I managed to get out for the sunrise. The sun gave a brief and colourful glimpse before hiding in clouds again but enough to give me some good light.

The area is just outside Dunham Massey estate and the river is the Bollin, which travels from the Peak district to the Mersey. All taken with the Olympus OMD-EM10.

Cheshire Grey

Since I started photography I’ve been used to colourful winters. I’ve spent all of them in the pennines, either in the Yorkshire Dales or Calderdale. Even when the trees are bare there’s a lot of colour around, in the heather, the bracken, the gritstone, the fallen leaves. Now I’ve moved to Cheshire and it’s all shades of grey. Hence why all my recent shots have been in black and white. I think I’ve never shot so much black and white. I’m enjoying it, though I’d love to get out into the mountains for a sunset again (any day now, I keep promising). Here’s a couple more moody monochromes.

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