Swaledale flower meadows

Friend and erstwhile market stallholder Richard and his better half Polly have moved up to better things and opened a very nice gallery shop in Muker, at the west end of Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales. We went to visit over the weekend, to see how the other half lives. Nowadays, when I’m at the market in wind and driving rain, I think of Richard all warm, dry and safe inside his gallery and I curse him. Continue reading

Brixham Sunrise


This is Brixham, in Devon, at half past seven in the morning in September 2010. I often trawl (pardon the pun – see below) through my Lightroom catalogues on rainy days, looking for forgotten shots that deserve processing and publishing.

This shot was taken during one of our holidays doing the south-west coast path. I don’t get many great shots from holidays. I don’t see the sunrises or sunsets so easily and it isn’t easy to spend a long time composing when someone else is with you. This shot was easy though, as I took it from our hotel window before breakfast. We were only there for an evening and morning and the rest of the time it was distinctly greyer but the sunrise was wonderful and I love the pastel colours of the jumbled houses. I thought my wife, Joy, would enjoy it because I don’t often show her all the pictures I take on holiday and she hasn’t seen this one before.

The raw file was pretty good so Lightroom processing was kept to a minimum, the only really extreme adjustment being to turn Clarity right down to -100 to get the soft dreamy look.

PS: The above-mentioned pun is because there is a type of trawler called a Brixham trawler. I honestly didn’t think of this when I used the word trawl.

Cheshire Plain

Cheshire is mostly flat. I lived in hilly areas for twenty years so I’m having to recalibrate my photographic eye to get the best out of this area. As I’ve said before, it seems to lend itself to monochrome treatment. I’d forgotten this set, which I took about a year ago and came across yesterday. Taken with my still-broken Olympus OMD-EM10, which I really enjoy using for square format black and white. Continue reading

Finding beauty in less obvious places

Yesterday I went walking around the waterside areas around Frodsham. This is a small town near the inland end of the Mersey estuary. The areas around Frodsham are a mix of countryside, rivers, canals, and industrial. The River Weaver flows into the Mersey at Frodsham and the Weaver Navigation (i.e. canal) flows alongside it.

I don’t usually go looking for subjects like this but I do like them. I’ve driven past this area for years as the M56 goes right over it on a flyover. I’ve seen it many times in dramatic light or weather, usually early or late on my way to or from the welsh mountains. Each time I see some dramatic light or mist I think I should go and take a look. Yesterday wasn’t dramatic and I couldn’t wait around for the sunset but it was a beautiful day and I really like the mix of industrial, waterside, and rough green land. I’ll definitely go back and look for more dramatic conditions.


Tarn Hows

I’d made a trip to the small Cumbria lake of Tarn Hows last autumn. What I didn’t realise on that day was that if I walked about two hundred metres in any direction I’d see the most amazing views. I found out today though, albeit without the amazing autumn foliage colours of last autumn.

The views are panoramic and include the Langdale Pikes, Wetherlam, Coniston Old Man, Windermere, Fairfield and Helvellyn, and Ambleside.