Sunset at The Roaches


Wow, it’s been about six weeks since I last posted. Holidays, laziness, and generally not actually getting any good pictures for a while in the rainy summer we’ve had this year.

I finally got some nice shots on a trip to The Roaches. This is presumably a corruption of the french word “rocher” and it’s a large area of exposed gritstone crags, famous among english rock climbers and very popular for walkers and picnickers. It’s also pretty popular with photographers and I’ve usually seen others around with big cameras and tripods when the weather is promising.

The only downside is that the distance is pretty much flat. It would be nice to have some hills on the horizon to add interest but I suppose you have to work with what you’ve got. In fact isn’t that the whole point of landscape photography? If I can’t get good shots at The Roaches then perhaps I should hang up my camera.

I hope you enjoy these shots. Now we’re getting into autumn I’m hoping I’ll be getting plenty more.

2 thoughts on “Sunset at The Roaches

  1. Thank you! I don’t know what the circular pool is but definitely man-made. By coincidence, after I’d found it and before I took the shot I spoke to a man walking along the cliffs who asked me if I knew the area. He said he’d been looking for many years for a stone cross that was supposed to have been put up on the cliff top in the nineteenth century and pushed over by vandals early in the twentieth. He’d been looking along the bottom of the cliffs in vain for it. So I showed him this circular hole and speculated that it looked quite like the socket where a stone cross might have been cemented in. No trace of the cross below but after a hundred years it would be well buried by vegetation.


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