Porth Or, Sunrise

Porth Or, Whistling Sands
Porth Or, Whistling Sands

The strange long run of hot and sunny weather has been making it easy to plan overnight wild camping trips. I chose the seaside this time because the hazy air isn’t so good for mountain views and anyway, I just like the seaside.

Porth Or again, also known as Whistling Sands, my favourite beach in north Wales. It’s a beautiful beach on a beautiful peninsula with really interesting and photogenic rock formations. It also faces the right way to get the sunset. These are the “morning after” pictures because for some reason I’ve got these ready first. I’d had a good nights sleep, very warm and completely untroubled by flying and buzzing things, with a very bright full moon and a dead calm sea.

Up and out of the bag at 4:30 am and already the sky to the north-east is on fire. Unfortunately there aren’t any useful compositions in that direction so I face the other way and wait for the right conditions.

By about 7am it’s all over and I have a quick nap on the sand.

3 thoughts on “Porth Or, Sunrise

  1. Thanks. I’ve had some luck with the skies recently. The sky has been so free of clouds, and hazy, in the daytime for the past several weeks but at sunset and sunrise there has often been just a little cloud to add interest.


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