Cnicht overnight – part 1

Sunset from Cnicht
Sunset from Cnicht

A fine weather forecast encouraged me to try my first wild camping trip of the year. The plan was go to Snowdonia and set up near the summit of Cnicht. This is a modestly-sized but extremely attractive hill just east of Beddgelert. Some people call it “the Matterhorn of Wales”. It doesn’t look like the Matterhorn, it’s just very pointy. It stands by itself, which gives it fantastic views all around.

My bed for the night on Cnicht summit
My bed for the night on Cnicht summit

Usually I report this trips in two parts, first part for the sunset and second for the sunrise. This time, thanks to interesting weather and the best coffee I’ve had for a while, I’ve got a third part to report. But first the first part. The sky above was very clear but with a lot of haze lower down, which meant the mountains west of me were just black outlines. This isn’t ideal for sunset weather. No midges out, thankfully.


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