The Roaches

The Roaches is an area of gritstone crags just north of Leek in Staffordshire. It’s a famous rock climbing area with many classic climbs. It’s also got some highly photogenic shapes and a wonderful outlook to the south and west.

I went there yesterday with a cloudy forecast just hoping to get some close-ups of autumn foliage. I was rewarded with twelve minutes of wonderful yellow light as the sun peaked out through a gap in the clouds.

The distance you can see is quite amazing. There are some distinctive hills on the horizon in this photo below (which is a very tight crop of a photo taken on maximum zoom). I took a compass bearing and checked on the map when I got home.

The Long Mynd
The Long Mynd on the horizon in the far distance seen from the top of The Roaches. That’s at least sixty miles away.

I reckon those are the range of the Long Mynd in Shropshire, above Church Stretton, which I think is about 60 miles away.

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