Long and winding road

In response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge The Road Taken

This view can be found in the Yorkshire Dales, near Grassington. It’s extremely typical of half of the Yorkshire Dales national park.


There are broadly two kinds of geology in the Dales – limestone and gritstone. The same is true in the Peak District national park further south, where they’re called the White Peak and the Dark Peak. The gritstone areas have a darker and more brooding countenance. The grassland is rougher and more boggy. The limestone areas are greener and lighter and more open. The grass is better quality pasture.

The difference can easily be seen by the dry stone walls, which are made of whichever stone is dominant. Grassington is in a limestone area and the scenery in this picture is extremely typical. Single track winding roads, tumble-down walls, beautiful old barns.

However, that gentle green nature of the scenery can make it difficult to take interesting photographs. More of my Yorkshire photography is from the gritstone areas, which can provide more colour and texture. So I don’t as often go out to the limestone areas. On this occasion I was simply wandering around on the narrow back lanes hoping for something, anything. I saw this road, and the telephone lines that follow it, and the walls that contain it, and the barn and sunset and there was my shot. The light is lovely and I even like the lens flare spots near the barn.

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