My new Etsy shop

I’ve just opened up an Etsy shop for on-line selling. People have been able to buy from my personal site for some time but the experience, although nicely personal, seems a little clunky to me. The Etsy interface gives me, and the potential customer, some nice advantages:

  • Pay by credit/debit card or PayPal
  • Easier to specify the size you want
  • Much less confusing for the buyer to specify which picture they want
  • The ability for me to show shots of the picture in a frame alongside the full size image

Also, for me, it gives me some extra exposure as Etsy is a very popular site for people looking for hand-made arts and crafts. Why don’t you pop over and take a look? It would be nice to get some view statistics that weren’t either me or my wife 🙂 And comments and feedback would be most welcome.

5 thoughts on “My new Etsy shop

  1. I just visited your Etsy shop and oh, my!! Your photography is BEAUTIFUL!! I want to travel to Yorkshire right now because of it! Well done!
    Some things about your shop: I love the fact that you describe the scene and how you came about capturing the shot. Having a uniform way of displaying your items, the way you are doing (with one photo and one framed, matted print) looks very professional – keep doing that! And I think the way you are showing that your art and the customer’s satisfaction are extremely important to you is wonderful.
    Only “issue” I can see is that you don’t ship to the USA! That’s okay, I favorited your shop anyway. ^_^


    1. Hi Valerie,
      I’m happy to ship to the USA but the problem is that the cheapest rate I can find is about £27 with UPS. I’ve also checked with DHL and Royal Mail, who are both more expensive. I felt bad about having to quote such high prices, even for a small mounted print for which I only charge £20. I checked around etsy and found many people who quote much less than this, but I don’t understand how. Either they must be inflating their product price (I don’t think they can be) or they’re taking a big loss on the delivery cost. Any suggestions?
      And thanks a lot for the feedback, it means a lot to me. Keep looking, I still have a lot of pictures to put up and comments are lovely to get.


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