Remembering hard work

Phew! Since swapping full time office work for a new business as a full time landscape photographer I’ve forgotten what it’s like to work hard. Now I remember. I’ve just done three art markets in a row. Fill the car full of stock and display gear. Hump it from car to market, unpack, set up. Stand in the freezing cold for ten hours. Tear down, lift and carry, unpack. Make more stock for the next day. Repeat. I can’t complain though because the time actually at the market is such a lot of fun. Two more markets this week, thursday and friday with Makers Market at Spinningfields. Looking forward to it!

Fire and gold in the Lake District


We’ve had some bad weather in the last week and I think by the time I manage to get back to the Lake District the peak of autumn colour will be over. I’m not too sad because I managed a couple of good trips while it lasted and here is another. This time the spot was a lesser known modest height called variously Park Fell or Black Fell. Both names are used on the OS map. The location is just south of the entrance to Langdale, grid reference NY 335 023 (approximately). Continue reading

First frost in Cheshire

I think yesterday was the first frost we’ve had this season in Cheshire. I managed to get out for the sunrise. The sun gave a brief and colourful glimpse before hiding in clouds again but enough to give me some good light.

The area is just outside Dunham Massey estate and the river is the Bollin, which travels from the Peak district to the Mersey. All taken with the Olympus OMD-EM10.

Autumn colour at Tarn Hows


Autumn colour is fleeting and unpredictable. The peak period only lasts a few weeks and a storm can bring it to a quick end. You really need to get out as often as possible to make the most of it. One of the trips I made was to Tarn Hows, a lake (or tarn, as such things are called in Cumbria) hidden away in the low hills and woods just north of Coniston. I hadn’t been there before so I was taking a chance but the terrain looked promising on the map. In fact it was two tarns for the price of one, the other called Yew Tree Tarn and being right next to the main road to Coniston. Continue reading

Why are you reading this post?…

…when you should be out photographing? It’s peak colour in northern England at the moment. There’s some spectacular foliage out there right now and the weather is just right, with very low wind meaning the leaves stay still when you take their picture. Within a week we’ll probably have a storm that will strip the trees bare, but while you can you should really get out and take some photos. This one was taken yesterday near Tarn Hows in the Lake District.

Autumn foliage