Llyn Idwal and surprise snow

The first time I’ve been in the mountains for a few months and this time it’s Snowdonia, which is now nearer to me than the Lake District. Llyn Ogwen is very easy to get to and you can walk from there up to Llyn Idwal, in it’s spectacular cirque, in about fifteen minutes.

The forecast was not good but it was sunny when I arrived so I hurried on up while the light lasted. I’d had a surprise during the drive down, as from quite some distance away I’d seen the tops of very snowy mountains. I’d assumed, with all the mild weather, there’d be no snow. Quite the opposite, a seriously heavy amount from about 500 metres upwards.

The weather closed in quickly, which you can see in the increasingly dark skies as the pictures progress. Some wonderful colours though. I’d been talking about how my local neighbourhood has been inspiring black and white photography but Snowdonia is definitely a colour destination.

All pictures taken with my now favourite camera the Olympus OMD-EM10.

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